Novabench Pro


Novabench's command-line interface allows you to script benchmark tests and gather system information.

Novabench Pro
Novabench CLI is available as part of Novabench Pro


Default paths:
  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Novabench\resources\novabench.exe
  • Mac: /Applications/
  • Linux: /[novabench-linux]/resources/novabench

Account Command

Get started with the CLI by signing in with your account to activate Novabench Pro
./novabench.exe account --signin

USAGE: novabench account [--help] [--signin <email>] [--signout]


    --signin <email>      Sign in to account
    --signout             Sign out of account

Test Command

Run suites of benchmark tests with the test command

USAGE: novabench test [--help] [--testflag <test>] [--testoutput <format>] [--path <path>] [--threads <threads>]
                          [--customname <customName>] [--no-headers] [--submit]


    --testflag, -t <test> Test to run. Possible values: cpu, gpu, storage, memory, all-no-gpu, all
    --testoutput, -o <format>
                          Output format. Possible values: human (default), csv,
    --path, -p <path>     Path to writable folder on storage device to test (storage test)
    --threads, -c <threads>
                          Number of threads to use in CPU tests (defaults to all available)
    --customname, -n <customName>
                          Save the test result with a custom name (all-no-gpu, all tests only)
    --no-headers, -H      Omit CSV headers (csv output only)
    --submit, -s          Submit the test result to (all-no-gpu, all tests only)
    --help                display this list of options.

Info Command

Gather and output system information with the info command

USAGE: novabench info [--help] [--output <format>] [--no-headers]


    --output, -o <format> Output format. Possible values: human (default), json, csv
    --no-headers, -H      Omit CSV headers (csv output only)


  • Run all tests: ./novabench.exe test -p .
  • Skip GPU test: ./novabench.exe test -p . -t all-no-gpu
  • Test external disk: ./novabench.exe test -t disk -p E:\
  • Submit test result to your account with a custom name: ./novabench.exe test -p . -s -n desktop1234
  • Save test results to JSON: ./novabench.exe test -p . -o json >> results.csv
  • Append CPU test results to CSV: ./novabench.exe test -t cpu -o csv -H >> results.csv
  • Output system info as JSON: ./novabench.exe info -o json

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