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Battery Health

Click the Battery button on the home screen to view your system's battery health.

The full charge capacity of a battery can be lower than its design capacity due to factors such as age, charge-discharge cycles, temperature, and charging habits. Capacity loss is a natural process that occurs over time as the battery undergoes chemical changes and experiences wear from usage.

Not all batteries have supported charge capacity sensors. This feature is currently available on Windows and Mac.

Battery Health Logging

Novabench Plus
Novabench battery health logging is available as part of Novabench Plus

When battery health logging is enabled, the chart will display a history of your system's battery full charge capacity over time, as well as a trend line for easy interpretation. Note that battery degradation is typically not linear, so the trend line may not perfectly represent of your battery's remaining life.

Note: Enabling sensor logging will also enable battery health logging

Screenshot of battery health chart

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