This guide has tips and suggestions that may help to improve your GPU or discrete graphics performance. The guide is a work in progress - if you have any suggestions please contribute on the forums.

General Performance Tips

  • Update your operating system and graphics drivers
  • Check for graphics card firmware updates from your vendor's website
    • Note: Firmware updates are less frequent, and differ from graphics driver updates.

  • Check temperature - (In Novabench on Windows, click "Temperature")
    • High temperature can throttle back your performance.
    • Ideal temperatures vary by GPU. Ensure your temperature is within an ideal range under load.
    • Ensure fans are working and clear of dust.

  • Install the graphics card in the fastest PCIe slot
    • Installing in a slower slot can limit performance in some applications/games.
    • Check your motherboard manual.

  • Ensure the card has an adequate power supply
    • Check that all additional power cables are plugged into the card.
    • Check that your power supply (PSU) wattage meets your system's power requirements.

Going Further

Even if your system is performing where it should be, it may still be possible to push the performance further.
  • Overclocking
    • Overclocking configures your graphics card to run faster than the manufacturer default.
    • Not all graphics cards can be overclocked.
    • Many guides online cover overclocking in depth. [AMD GeForce ]