Novabench 4


Since its release in 2017, Novabench 4 has been a go-to performance testing tool. However, computer architectures have continued to advance in the following years, with new instruction sets, ARM processors gaining market share, and significant advances in storage, GPUs, and other technologies. To meet these new demands, Novabench 5 has been rebuilt from the ground up and is replacing Novabench 4 as our officially supported benchmark product as of February 2023.

Novabench 4 test results remain valid on x86-64 architectures; however, Novabench 5 may provide higher accuracy in new areas that Novabench 4 did not test (e.g., memory latency).

Novabench 4 will no longer receive updates. Only existing license holders may continue to download Novabench 4. Online score submission is no longer possible from Novabench 4.

Existing Customers

As an existing Novabench 4 customer, we will continue to honor your original terms of purchase. You can see your licenses and download Novabench in your account settings.

Personalized upgrade offers are also available in this section if you are considering an upgrade to Novabench 5. A free upgrade is available for recent Novabench 4 customers.

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