Novabench Features

Novabench quickly and accurately tests your computer's performance

The complete, cross-platform benchmark suite

Novabench's benchmark suite tests your entire system in minutes. Tests for CPU, GPU, Memory, and Storage are carefully designed to evaluate modern API, instruction set, and workload performance.

Test results are comparable across operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) on both x86-64 and ARM64 architectures.

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Novabench Plus

Novabench Plus adds powerful performance analysis tools for enthusiasts

Temperature, Power & Battery

Accurately measure and monitor your system's temperature and power characteristics under varied workloads. Novabench Plus records sensor data during testing on Windows and Mac.

Monitor your laptop's battery health and performance over time with the Battery Utility.

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Stress Test

The stress test is designed to measure performance, power, and temperature stability under sustained heavy workloads.

It's useful in determining if your system's cooling and power supply is adequate, or if an overclock or other performance adjustment is stable.

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Bottleneck Test

Unique to Novabench, the bottleneck test measures how well your CPU and GPU are working together.

It reveals how much the performance of one component may be limiting the performance of the other during 3D graphics rendering. The full potential of your CPU or GPU won't not be reached if there's a significant imbalance.

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Novabench Pro

Novabench Pro includes everything in Plus,
adding versatile workflow tools for professionals and teams

Novabench Command-line

Novabench's command-line interface makes it easy to script benchmark tests and gather system information.

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Novabench Portable

Run Novabench directly from a USB or network drive. Novabench Portable doesn't require installation, making it ideal for a variety of performance analysis tasks on the go.

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