This guide has tips and suggestions that may help to improve your CPU or general computer performance. The guide is a work in progress - if you have any suggestions please contribute on the forums.

General Performance Tips

  • Update your operating system and all drivers
  • Check background processes for high CPU or RAM usage [Win Mac ]
  • Upgrade from a standard HDD to an SSD []

Tips for Addressing Underperformance

  • Check temperature - (In Novabench on Windows, click "Temperature")
    • High temperature can throttle back your performance.
    • Ideal temperatures vary by processor. Ensure your temperature is within an ideal range under load.
    • Ensure fans are working and clear of dust.
    • Ensure the heatsink is well seated with appropriate thermal paste (advanced).

  • Switch to a high performance power profile [Win ]
    • Note: Experiment to find the balance between energy efficiency and performance that works for you

  • Check RAM
    • RAM modules need to be installed in the correct slots for full performance (see motherboard manual).
    • Check for memory failures []

Going Further

Even if your system is performing where it should be, it may still be possible to push the performance further.
  • Overclocking
    • Overclocking configures your system components to run faster than the manufacturer default.
    • Not all computers can be overclocked.
    • Many guides online cover overclocking in depth. [AMD Intel ]

  • Other advanced BIOS configuration