About NovabenchService.exe

We respect your computer and aim to make our installation as unintrusive as possible. We install a lightweight service and driver as follows:

What is NovabenchService.exe?

    Novabench 4 installs a system service named NovabenchService. The service allows these Novabench features to work:
    • CPU and GPU temperature and load readings
    • Temperature & Battery History (Pro features, only when enabled)
    • Scheduled Tests (Pro feature, only when enabled)
    The service never connects to the Internet. The service is designed to use minimal RAM and CPU. You can stop or remove the service; however, the Temperature, Scheduled Tests, and Battery pages in Novabench will no longer work.

What is NovabenchDriver.sys?

Novabench 4 installs a Ring 0 driver called NovabenchDriver. We take the security of this driver seriously. It is used only to allow read-only access to the CPU's MSRs (Model-Specific Registers). This allows NovabenchService to read temperature and other settings from the CPU.

Unprivileged applications do not have access to NovabenchDriver's API. Stopping or removing NovabenchService will uninstall the driver.

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