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Benchmark Data

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Novabench Software License

This License agreement is made between Novawave Inc. and the user of the Novabench Program:

  1. Non-commercial use only: The Program may only be used for non-commercial purposes
    • Novabench Commercial License:
      • Holders of a Commercial License are exempted from clause 1.
      • One (1) Commercial License is required for each commercial-use Novabench installation. Uninstalling Novabench frees the license for re-use.
    • Exception for Journalism: You may use Novabench without a Commercial License when publishing benchmark data in news reporting or analysis.
  2. No part of the Program may be disassembled, reverse engineered, decompiled, modified or altered
  3. The Program is supplied 'as is', without warranty, and no liability will be accepted by Novawave Inc. or any legal vendors of this software for any damage incurred by the use of this software
  4. Neither directly nor indirectly can you rent, sell or lease the Program by any means
  5. Purchased licenses (including Commercial License, and Novabench Pro) have the following terms:
    • Novabench Pro may be installed on all computers owned by licensee
    • Software updates are included for the current major version at time of purchase
    • Future major version releases will be a paid update
    • Your use of licensed software does not expire
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