Was able to rename 1st Test Only. Could Not Rename 1st again, nor 2nd.

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Seasons Greetings! New User Here. I was able to Rename my 1st Test Only. Afterwards, I was unable to Rename my 2nd Test, nor was I able to Rename my 1st Test. I poked around but could not find anything like a "Save As" feature. I Right Clicked on things to no avail. Do I have to Upgrade to Pro? I'm just now testing Novabench. If I like it, I'll definitely buy it. But first I have to know about this Test Renaming issue that I have.

Novabench Test Renaming Issue.JPG

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You can rename any test in the app on the free version. I think the edit button is scrolled over out of view. Try the horizontal scroll bar on the bottom of the test list.

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