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What Mac should I get for photography and 4k video editing

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I have been out of the tech game loop for quite a while. I have always been a Mac fan and I hope to continue to be. I recently bought my wife an iMac for her new photo and video profession. I quickly realised that The new machine might have difficulty editing 4k videos shot from her cannon dslr camera. I've been doing a lot of research and noticed some odd tech practices from apple. These practices were also confirmed from users in online vlogs and etc. I noticed that apple is selling their new iMacs baseline with outdated specs. they would sell you something new but take away. performance by selling a not so powerful gpu. As well as, charging a leg and an arm for buying it with the upgrade. All I want to do is find a good cpu, gps machine that can handle 4k vid editing without breaking the bank. I returned the 21.5 inch iMac and though to buy the 27 in iMac but all I get to upgrade is the ram which is ok. but if the graphics card is limited, what's the point. I am now thinking of getting the Mac mini to see if I can get a nice monitor and keyboard for around 15 or 16 hundred. plus it has 4usb c ports nice instead of the 2 on the 27" iMac. Please, give me a little advice on this. I would like Mac but If I have to consider and older refurb model, then I just might, in order to get the performance I Want. I would hate to be stuck with this machine. I am not one to purchase a Mac machine just for web surfing. I need more for my creative jobs. I did a nova Bench test *attached and I am not certain this machine will perform well enough with these scores. Where do I need to be?



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