Bettr GPU worse scores?

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Hello all! I figure this is the best place to ask as you seem like the go to PC guys :)

I recently upgraded my gpu from a 750 ti to a rx480 and i am receiving much lower test scores. I am running a fx6300 with a 650 w PSU and 32 gigs of RAM. i usually received a 1350 score with the old graphics card and after changing graphics card i was recieving around 1200. after tons of searching and playing online I ended up doing a complete cleaning of all drivers and installing the newest drivers fresh and it improved my performance to around 1300 in novabench. My searches have gone dry as i cannot find any other steps to take and i feel that after putting in a much more expensive GPU upgrade that my score should improve a fair bit beyond the 1350 i was receiving before. In the novabench results are the same but the score is lost in the graphics section. any help would be awesome thanks in advance !

bench 2.PNG


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