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Is my gpu the issue?

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I just recently built a new gaming computer and I'm running into a variety of issues. Below is my novabench info:


NovaBench Score: 2354

11/14/2016 9:40:27 PM
Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Intel Core i76850K 3.60GHz @ 3601 MHz
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

32679 MB System RAM (Score: 278)
- RAM Speed: 11925 MB/s

CPU Tests (Score: 1085)
- Floating Point Operations/Second: 308575884
- Integer Operations/Second: 1538935944
- MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 1296258

Graphics Tests (Score: 915)
- 3D Frames Per Second: 2390

Hardware Tests (Score: 76)
- Primary Partition Capacity: 931 GB
- Drive Write Speed: 205 MB/s


My computer specs are:

Asus X99-A
EVGA Geforce Gtx 1080 Ftw
Samsung 850 Evo 1tb SSD
Corsair Vengeance DDR4 32gb 3000MHz
EVGA Supernova 1000watt Power Supply
Corsair H90 Water Cooler
Windows 10 Home

The parts are less than a week old and I'm having stuttering, momentary freezing and slow down issues while gaming.


Please, any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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Your CPU and GPU are scoring as they should, but the benchmark may not pick up momentary problems.

I had stuttering issues on my last build as well with the same SSD. I think I fixed it by changing the SSD mode from IDE to AHCI in the BIOS settings. I may be wrong on the exact setting, but some similar very simple fix did solve all of my issues. Try checking Samsung Magician for their suggestions.

If it's not that, try running MemTest86+ for any RAM faults

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Okay, thank you.

Is there any way to improve my graphics test score? I'm struggling to get more than 100 fps in battlefield 1 and wanted to see if I could improve it in any way possible.

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I have the graphics setting at ultra, gpu memory restriction off, dx12 off. My fps is all over the place from 55 - 100 depending on the map and depending on if there are too many gas grenades going off.


My old tower next to me gets a decent 140 fps on the same settings with a i7-4770k / 780 Ti. I've followed all the tips about setting power to maximum/performance and all that but it seems this card doesn't want to cooperate :(

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What do you recommend I can do to increase my nova score and performance? I see other people with similar cards but they're scoring thousands more than I am.

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