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Long story short: I live in a small city with no true computer part store (closest thing to one is a Best Buy). I just happened to be in Austin for a work related reason, and decided to check out the nearby Fry's Electronics. It was my first time in a computer part store like that and I was like a kid in a candy shop! I have been wanting to build a gaming machine for a while now, but mostly just for the hobby of building the machine rather than gaming (which is the same reason I haven't been able to justify shelling out a grand or two into a hardcore machine).

Anyway, the store I was at had a lot of cheap parts and sales on pretty much everything. I got the motherboard and APU as a bundle for $78.96, 8GB 2133Mhz for $49.99, and 120gb SSD for $45. I didn't buy a case since the board was so small I figured I could retrofit it into one of the OLD Dell computer cases I have stored away...after drilling out rivets and attempting to drill my own standoff holes I realized that totally wasn't going to work. I also didn't get a PSU because I planned on recycling one out of the Dells I had. This is where I lucked out, my roommate apparently had an old custom build that bit the dust and had thrown out most of the components except the case and PSU (which is nothing fancier than a 600W Thermaltake). I bought those two from him for $60 despite the case being monstrous especially compared with the Micro-ATX board I installed in it. Altogether this build cost me $233.95 with no networking capability (I actually ended up purchasing AC1900 wireless card for $90, but $20 would have been enough for like an N300 for basic connectivity).


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3 years later and it's still kicking! It hosts a 460 now as well... i've only had to replace the power supply 3 times lol

Otherwise it was good for playing League and Minecraft and made for an excellent workhorse computer for work from home (remote tech  support), but I've since pieced together a better system and given this one to my gf haha

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