Windows Corruption?!

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I came home from a little trip for 2 days, and when I tried to log on to my home computer (Windows 7), the screen blanked out and nothing happened. Then the logon screen came back, and i typed in the password again but it just blanked again. I held down the power button to shut down the computer, and when I turned it back on, I selected start windows normally and it barely got through the Windows 7 "Starting Windows" animation screen when it just blank and showed my bios splash screen again. I booted into the option of Startup Repair, waited, and i was sitting at my computer with it saying that startup repair couldn't fix the problem and says I should send an error report to Microsoft and it says that i should remove any devices and restart. I did that, and i just booted into startup repair again and it didn't work again. I talked with Microsoft, and we eventually came to the conclusion that Windows was corrupted. It'd not the hugest problem because i have a system image and all of my files from that PC on a backup drive, but I just need to figure out how to restore windows from that backup drive. Can anyone help? Also, I'm trying to figure out why it became corrupt. I left my computer locked when I left the house, and when I came back a day later, this all happened. Do you think one of my components caused the problem? Here's that PC's Novabench score: Home Computer NovaBench test results. Thanks in advance...


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How to restore the backup will depend on how it was made. What software/tool did you use?

There are a few reasons how this kind of thing can happen. But you can find out for sure with information from the logs. In Safe Mode you can use the Event Viewer program to check for system/kernel errors (if you can get into safe mode). 

You can also check for clues in the dmp file that Windows hopefully made for you when it crashed:

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