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Uber poor GT 555M results, please help!

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Here are my Nova benchmark stats -

Verified NovaBench Score: 944

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

Intel Core i7 - 2670QM 2.20GHz running at 2201 MHz


6094 MB System RAM (Score:168)

- Ram Speed: 10092 MB/s

CPU Tests (Score:652)

-Floating Point Operations/Second: 204267528

-Integer Operations/Second: 683173776

-MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 958098

Graphics Tests (Score 104)

-3D Frames Per Second: 326

Hardware Tests (Score:20)

- Primary Partition Capacity: 112MB

- Drive Write Speed: 117MB/s

Hi folks, first time posting, so hopefully someone can help.

I had previously, using Windows 7, been able to play Crysis 1,2 and 3, BF3 and BF4 all on a mixture between MED and ULTRA settings.

I then upgraded to Windows 8.1, and had nothing but hassle, unable to play even simple games. An in depth search found numerous people suffering this same problem, so, unable to get to the bottom of it, switched back to Win 7.

I have tried some of these games again, and found that now even MED settings are very laggy.

I tried a benchmark to see if it could shed any light, and found interestingly enough, that my GT 555M graphics card is returning scores less than HALF of others with the same graphics card. Most others are receiving scores of easily over 210, so what gives?

Do you think I have a poorly graphics card, or is there some thing else amiss?

I am using the latest Nvidia drivers, and have tried both tweaking the settings and restoring them to standard.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated folks, as I just cannot believe that a system that used to work flawlessly is struggling so now. To add, I am using an SSD, the OCZ Agility 3.


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If this is an issue with software, sometimes the upgrade process can drag along unwanted driver problems. That doesn't explain why you're still having problems on 7 though, as you would have had to reformat and reinstall? The nvidia divers are definitely compatible with 8.1.

More likely it's probably a hardware issue that happened coincidentally when you upgraded. Check that the card is getting enough power. Check BIOS settings for anything amiss with PCIe, etc.

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