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Reporting a bug

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not sure its the right forum to report the bug
however my benchmark link it don't shows the correct mhz it should be "Intel Core i5 760 2.80GHz running at 3600+ MHZ"
is it because i have turbo boost enable? most over-clockers disable the turbo boost function but i just leave it on lol

oh i just noticed now it dont supports my hard drive? because it shows Drive Write Speed: 0 MB/s

just tested now without any oc and sems Drive write speed don't works with oc or my hardware fails

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Moved to the NovaBench forum.

The clock speed is obtained from a CPU register calculation, so it's possible NovaBench may be wrong, or your clock isn't running as fast as you think. You can find out for sure with something like CPU-Z.

As for your harddrive, there are only a handful of results in the database with a score of 0MB/s. So while you aren't alone, it looks like a very isolated bug that I'll need to look into. What brand HDD do you have, is it solid-state? Does it work correctly when you run the test by itself from the tests menu?

Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for the reply.

CPU-Z and everest ultimate shows CPU speed at 3763mhz

about my HDD its a wester digital 5000WD-AAKS and haven't noticed any problems jet.
and yes it works fine running from test menu but it don't shows me a result only 0mb/s
however it only shows a result if my system isn't overclocked.

tested now with a different HDD benchmark with oc and without oc shows me a result.

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