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Found 5 results

  1. Alright, so Windows 10 has almost been out for a year and they'll stop handing out the free upgrades on June 29th. My mom has it on her laptop, I have it on my laptop, and my sister has it on her laptop. We all love it, but we all started out with it when we bought the laptops. The only computers we own that haven't been upgraded is my family's gaming desktop and my dad's work laptop, and these are two very important machines. I've heard rumors that Windows 10 will make your PC preform either better or worse, and I'm one of those people who worries about file loss. June 29th will come soon, and I want to know if I should upgrade these 2 PCs, especially since Windows 7 runs on both of them and the support for that is being discontinued soon... Thanks! Nick
  2. Hey guys, I am a huge computer lover but it's been a long time since I got back into the PC building upgrading industry. I ran some tests cause I bought this rig used for $600 and it is actually pretty good for what I paid I would like to upgrade to a Nvidia 1060 GTX once I save the cash but I would like some info on anything else that might to be upgraded eventually. Comp info: ASUS Rampage II Extreme Motherboard Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler Cooler master HAF X Case Power Supply 600 Watts (Not exactly sure) i gotta look rest of the info is below These were my scores. NovaBench Score: 1453 8/19/2016 10:54:17 PM Microsoft Windows 10 Home Intel Core i7 930 2.80GHz @ 2802 MHz Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 8184 MB System RAM (Score: 160) - RAM Speed: 4856 MB/s CPU Tests (Score: 642) - Floating Point Operations/Second: 206030336 - Integer Operations/Second: 658161768 - MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 941012 Graphics Tests (Score: 632) - 3D Frames Per Second: 1703 Hardware Tests (Score: 19) - Primary Partition Capacity: 74 GB - Drive Write Speed: 162 MB/s
  3. hi there, my mac is very slow, especially start-up time, starting-up after computer sleep, and when doing backups to my external hard drive. took my first nova bench test. the hardware test looks especially slow. any upgrade advice would be much appreciated.
  4. Hi all, I started using an old dekstop pc again after 7 years due to the failure of my latest laptop (...and having some end-of-study financials). I have tuned it to the best of my capabilities but I was wondering what my next step should be. I am trying to get some half decent gaming out of it (i.e. running Oblivion smoothly). For all major changes to the system I need a new mobo (i.e new processor, ddr3 RAM) so if i am heading in that direction I might as well buy a completely new system and only use the casing. What would happen if i put some half decent cheap new videocard in here and 2GB extra RAM? How far would this system go? Thanks in advance! The dinosayour: 2-11-2014 14:56:42 Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Intel Core2 Duo E4600 2.40GHz @ 2640 MHz Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 610i 2815 MB System RAM (Score: 81) - RAM Speed: 1938 MB/s CPU Tests (Score: 240) - Floating Point Operations/Second: 50974784 - Integer Operations/Second: 153730634 - MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 846410 Graphics Tests (Score: 13) - 3D Frames Per Second: 48 Hardware Tests (Score: 30) - Primary Partition Capacity: 466 GB - Drive Write Speed: 63 MB/s
  5. AMD Phenom 9750 running at 2409MHz Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti RAM: 8191 MB I have a M2N68-LA mobo and wondering how I could make the benchmark better by upgrading. I can see that on the hp website that it says i can upgrade with these following cpu's: Socket type: AM3 TDP: 95 watt AMD Phenom II X4 9xx/9xxe/8xx Quad-Core (Deneb) Aslo does it have to be a 95watt cpu or could i use a 125 watt cpu? here is the help page : Any Ideas? Thanks!