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  1. if you still cannot remove it try following this simple guide to delete a page. I came across the problem when writing up my project for college today and it would not delete so i googled it. The method is simple and works. Just delete the page break on the page you do not want.
  2. Id advise on format and clean install. Not heard of cpu speed dropping before and im building pc systems and installing windows all the time. Backup data and do a clean install. Only takes a few hours at the most.
  3. type text on a blank page then hit return above the text to move it up a page. or if theres text on a page after the blank page just do the same. Use office 2010 all the time :) Take it your a mac user for 2011?
  4. what software you using xecutionx? Heres mine:
  5. - One of my favourite sites :)
  6. MARK thats ASP.NET. You have embedded code into a file. If hes going to use it, it will be in a windows application and remember, novahost does not serve asp files.
  7. malcomhfc

    Cms progress!!

    Points are extremely important! We are in a recession......No spend but save. joke :D Yeah illl do 20points, send me the file in an attachement in a PM if you accept xD :D
  8. malcomhfc

    Cms progress!!

    50 points :o :( Won't be redistributed. I thought, using your source code i can show you how capable your cms is. If you wish i will only show it to you, for 15points :D xD
  9. malcomhfc

    Cms progress!!

    Pecky, id possible do you think i could get the source code of your cms please? I am doing a little project for myself, to see how good i am and where i need to improve. I will be customising your cms to as far as i need and then release the source code back. If you want more info just ask :D Lets hope you let me use it pweese ;D Malcom
  10. Podcast : This week in google - Twig
  11. My first comment :D Hi me lol, i am easily amused.