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  1. Is there any way to fix this without wiping the system (Win 8.1) I've already wasted a day on setting up? So far I've only been able to find solutions that require a disk wipe through Diskpart. 970 Evo 1TB (GPT), seperated into two 500GB partitions. Windows 8.1 is already fully setup on one of them. The '970 Evo Win 10' partition is being detected by the Win 10 setup but even after multiple reformats and deletions I still get this error. My USB installer has just been created with the Media Creation Tool, 1903. Cloning its files to a 5GB partition on the same 970 Evo and starting the setup from there also didn't help. First time I have had this issue, I've been running Win 8.1/10 dual-boots for a couple of years now and always just installed them normally (every 6 months or so I do fresh installs). I would genuinely greatly appreciate a solution to this.