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  1. Think I just read somewhere that the read or write(think write) of the new MBP ssd has been reduced.. Perhaps check that aspect out.. Of course they don't advertise that
  2. First time using this App,,, is there something wrong with performance? I have the top of the line 2019 iMac, , maxed out on RAM (128), and Write Speed on a 2 TB SSD storage appears to be reduced or at around 531 mb/sec, 8 core 9th Generation Intel CPU. Read speed on Disk appears to be as expected I guess, but what is happening to Write speed please?. I apologize for maybe a little ignorance, but with this Novabench test can it give me a proper reading or result from my Apples own internal 2TB apple pci-nvme? I think I tried this test with another, speed test provider, and it said that I could not test my own internal SSD. Thanks for any response,, and also what about the other result ie CPU,, they look terrible also, don't they?