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  1. markwow

    Hey Guys (:

    Nice to see that your coming back :D
  2. markwow


    Welcome to the community!! :biggrin:
  3. Cant wait for this, I really wanna test it on my server.
  4. Its under options, it is a check box
  5. i googled clean rooms and I must say, if the police came to my house they'd probably think it was a meth lab
  6. Roscoe Dash - Sexy Girl Anthem
  7. That makes sense, but would probably be to hard to get a room that clean in my house
  8. What exactly is a clean room?
  9. I also had a seagate die on me. Although i had already moved all my files to a 1tb external back up so I was in the clear. Do you know if there anyway to recover the files with out paying for it? Like a do it yourself way?
  10. Same that games addicting I'm about to prestige
  11. Any Waka Flocka Fans Here? Hard In the Paint
  12. I need to get that! Right now I'll just stick to Call of Duty 4