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  1. I have a brand new Alienware RN 5. It mis-identifies my GPU as an Nvidia 1070. It has a 1080?
  2. I have an Alienware RN 5. My score is deplorable. I checked it. it sad I had an Nvidia 1070. I have a 180ti. Any ideas?
  3. I have an Alienware RN 17 laptop. Alienware says it has a 8050 I7 8th gen, 32 gigs a full size 1080 with 8 gig ram on it. When I ran the test, performance was bad, especially on the GPU. Then I saw it said I had a 1070 and knew something isn't right. can't find a place to change it or find it? Any ideas? The machine sceams and has no issues?