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  1. Yea, that is what i did :) By the way, could you check your pm please
  2. I am assuming that would be on the css file?
  3. Hey all I am working on a website which you can see at What I am trying to get done is to have the background lighter within the text box, while the text is darker. What file do you think I need to look at? Thanks
  4. hey all Anyone knows how to removed blank pages from Microsoft Office Word 2011? I have been searching and I cant figure for the life of me how to do it. Thanks
  5. lovechiefs


    For some reason,I can't even get to the site for that game
  6. Welcome to our forums. Hope you enjoy yourself
  7. Right now I am playing mainly the following games: -Noir -Shades -I play some Eve Online, but it is a bit boring, with people not interested in long term goals. There is a good chance I will stop Eve Online again. -hattrick I really recommend Noir and Shades. Very well done games, with plenty to accomplish. For those that join Noir and/or Shades,my detective there is Avguste
  8. Currently playing Eve-Online Lands of Hope Legendary Voyage Istaria In addition, since I do independant reviews for my site , I view lots of games
  9. used to play ogame,but got bored out of it
  10. currently playing Eve-Online,Free Realms and The Saga of Ryzom
  11. Eve Online,SWCombine,Hattrick,Second Life
  12. Right now I am playing: Dungeon Runners(server 1 or 2) Achaea StarWars Combine I am working on I am waiting on 2Moons and Insurgency
  13. A new update: -Eve Online -Americas Army(anti-cheat communities Waiting on 2Moons and Insurgency
  14. I thought a little update of my games is in order: -Americas Army( -2Moons( was in the closed beta of this game.2Moons is currently closed.OB will begin sometime in April -Angel of Fasaria Gold 2D online( -StarWars Combine(