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  1. Hey. I'm a very fresh user of Novabench, but the tool is awesome, mixing almost everything I could wish for benchmarking my PC. In the first place i want to say thank you for delivering such a product for free. The problem i'm experiencing right now is that Novabench appears to slow down my PC starting up. Originally I was thinking that this problem is caused by one of the Windows updates, but I performed Windows restoration using back-up image of 4-th April 2017, downloaded and installed all available updates and the issue didn't appear. In the meantime whenever I install Novabench, my PC starting up slows down dramatically (actually my system is completely run in SSD, so it doesn't take too long anyway, but i can easily notice that). I checked it several times installing and removing the program, and i can say almost certainly that the problem is arose when Novabench is installed. It seems to be related to Wi-Fi or kind of network part of the system, since Wi-Fi icon is staying in loading state for quite a while. I can run some programs though while this period (e.g. i can launch Chrome browser, but cannot launch Steam). Edit One more thing - it happens only when starting the system. If i just switch between users, the problem doesn't arise. Here my system and the software specs: Novabench Version: 4.0.3 - November 2017 (free) OS: Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1 Laptop Model: HP Pavillion dv7 6053er Network Adapter: Wi-Fi Broadcom 4314GN 802.11b/g/n 1x1 Driver Version: If you need anything else to address the issue, feel free to let me know! Best wishes,