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    Really poor CPU score....

    Yep ran the benchmark 3 times, CPU scorers where : 103, 102 and 89. As said before everything else seemed consistent with the other hardware installed. I unfortunately don't have access to another Ryzen based system, or I'd try running it on that to double check. Cheers. Phill.
  2. Just benchmarked my Ryzen 1800X, and getting a *REALLY* poor CPU score. Everything else is in the same ballpark as similar systems, and though I'm on windows 7 which isn't officially supported, some people with similar processors and Win7 are getting 10x better CPU score. Any idea what the problem is. The thing is I don't notice any problems in any other apps, I can play games on it just fine (e.g. Doom 2017 @ 1920x1200 with default settings at about 120fps), other benchmark apps give the CPU a much better score. Just run the CPU-Z benchmark and it benchmarkjs slightly faster than their reference 1800X, so I think something is amiss here. Cheers. Phill.