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  1. Hello Everyone, Im new to this forum so sorry if this is a repeat thread. Maybe I'm someone who bought into the hype that multiple GPUs would be better than one. I have 3 Nvidia gtx 980 cards. I am trying to find the best settings for maximum performance. I am really questioning my thought process on multi GPU's mostly because I seem to get better bench results when I have SLI disabled. So if I understand this correctly, SLI disabled means its not sharing the load between GPU's? Maybe I have some settings wrong.. I'm really not sure what the best tweaks would be for max performance. When I see that compared to others with the same setup as myself im scoring very poorly its a little depressing to say the least. My games look and play great. just wondering why I would be scoring so low... and if SLI enabled or disabled is the way to go. Thank you for any help in advance!!!