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  1. Any more advice Nathan? It'd be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the reply Nathan. Downloaded the tool, and it looks like during the test I'm only hitting about 45% load, with a PerfCap Reason of Util - Limited by GPU utilization...which doesn't make much sense to me during a stress test...
  3. Just to add to this a bit as well, I switched out the PCIE connectors (there are two of them(guessing for SLI?)) to my GPU, and the score went up to 453? Still not where it should be though I don't think. I saw in another post to check power, which is why I did that. 500W power supply so I should be plenty good. Temps I've never seen rise above around 63C. Latest drivers are installed. *Edit* Noticed that the card was inserted onto possibly the wrong PCIe slot on my motherboard. Moved it over, and re ran the mark and everything is still as shown below. Tried updating drivers again and driver installation failed. *Double Edit* Ran the update manually instead of through GeForce Experience. Ended at a 558. Closer?
  4. So the title pretty much says it all. I built the computer less than a year ago, and it was my first computer so never really thought much about performance. Everything was great! However, recently I've started having suspicions that something wasn't right, which led me here. Any recommendations on what I can do? Is this a bad part? Thanks for the help! Initial Test.nbr