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  1. is this good

    Have you adjusted your settings in Nvidia control panel?
  2. Low results on high end card gtx 1080

    What are your settings under Nvidia Control Panel? I get a score of about 980 using 2 760's in sli, you should be higher
  3. Post your benchmark score

    Depends what your using it for, CPU score not bad... if not gaming just upgrade to SSD, maybe little more ram...for me personally I don't like intel integrated graphics
  4. Post your benchmark score

    https://novabench.com/view/1362604 System Specs: Two Geforce GTX 760's in SLI Intel Core i5 4670k, overclock 4.6GHZ 16GB Hyper X Fury Ram Cooler master Hyper 212 Evo cooler Two 120mm cpu fans Evga 850watt B2 supernova PSU Seven 120mm case fans and one 240mm fan Antec 1100 case Nxzt touch screen fan controller Asus Z87-Plus Motherboard 1.5TB HDD 240GB SSD (Adata SP580) Windows 10 Pro 27 inch LCD KX2703 Monitor