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  1. Okay I know this thread has been dead for awhile but I'd like to clarify something for everyone. Crossfire X only works in FULLSCREEN. SLI works constantly. If you just watch your GPU status in a typical windowed mode only one card works at a time. Please before going on some NVIDIA hatred rant research the subject. If you run the tests in fullscreen mode you'll notice that Crossfire X works, however the fullscreen tests don't give you your GPU score. I have a dual screen setup, my main 1920x1080 display is on my dual XFX Radeon HD 6850 setup and my second 1600x900 screen is on an older XFX Radeon HD 4650. When running the fullscreen tests I can monitor my GPUs on the second screen because the tests don't touch the 4650 and I can assure you that the tests work with Crossfire X in full screen. Running the typical tests runs the GPU test in a window environment and doesn't allow Crossfire X to run. So in all honesty the blame lies more with AMD than with NovaBench for not designing Crossfire X for anything other than fullscreen gaming.