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  1. So my brother upgraded his GPU to a Zotac GTX1060 Amp! edition (on my recommendation) from an old GTX750Ti. Trouble is the Novabench score is really low compared to my MSi GTX1060 Gaming X and he is sitting around 55-60 fps in most of his games while I sit comfortably at 95-100 fps. So after checking out both of our system specs below, is it really possible that his CPU and RAM are having a detrimental affect on his benchmarks and real life performance? I wasnt there when he did the initial GPU swap, but I went round today to try and fix things for him. I re-seated the GPU and can confirm it is in a PCI X16 slot, I blew out the PCI slot also. I ran DDU for him and uninstalled all old Nvidia drivers in safe mode, installed the latest Nvidia drivers from the website (not through GeForce experience although that was added as part of the driver install). I swapped out his included 6 pin to molex adapter for the actual 6 pin module that was still sat in the EVGA PSU box in his loft. Ive even changed his power settings in Nvidia control panel and in Windows control panel to favor maximum performance (clutching at straws by this point). He is not confident in entering the BIOS to play with CPU power settings so I will try that another time. Im all out of ideas other than his card is just a dud. Advice is very welcome. His Novabench GPU score is 644, mine is 820. Ive checked GPU-Z during the benchmark and nothing jumps out as weird or abnormal, other than the brand our GPU specs are very similar. (Replacing his system for a new setup is not financially viable right now, but minimal upgrades ie SSD and RAM are. We know his CPU is old, but its what hes got and that's it). Specs: Him - Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Mobo FX-8350 Cpu Zotac GTX1060 Amp! Edition Gpu (6gb Vram) 1x 8gb DDR3 stick of RAM (unsure of speed) EVGA 850 Watt modular Psu Me - Intel DQ77MK Mobo (old board died, wife imposed a replacement spend limit) i7 3770 32gb HyperX Fury DDR3 (4x8gb) MSi GTX1060 Gaming X (6gb Vram) Aerocool Integrator 850 Watt non modular Psu Any advice on what to try, or constructively highlighting what I may have done wrong will be very welcome. Thanks in advance.