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  4. Shaw-review

    Low scores

    Who has been able to pick out the best product among those listed on this site?
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  7. jakartaqqseo

    Hard Drive

    How's it going? As a long time reader, I decided to it's time to join. I'm 20 years young but people say I look much younger than my actual age. I'm making plans to go back to college to pursue a career Chemistry. One of my primary focuses in life is to help others. It's very important for me to make a difference. I am pretty outgoing and love working with other people. I hope I can help grow this great community. Offcial Website :
  8. rlavinio

    Issue activating Lic on a laptop

    I am having a problem activating a License on an HP elitebook 755. No issue activating on another unit... but this unit gives me an error when entering my cridentials
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  10. mikejanz

    Mike Janz

    My speed test a year ago was 1416 with cpu running at 4 now it is 941 with cpu a intel i7 7700 running at under 2. Is there anything I can do about it?
  11. Tragic

    New PC Build - Very Low Score!

    first goto nvidia control panel and make sure the 3d settings are set to MAXIMUM POWER instead of OPTIMAL then make sure windows power plan is set to max performance instead of balanced or energy saver. THEN restart the PC and run test again.
  12. Tragic

    my computer is slow?

    You're Troll skill lvl is 99
  13. Tragic

    Post your benchmark score

    That's a nice setup man
  14. Celerod

    Won't Load

    Update: I found when I was setting up a new computer the other day after my last post that I had to Update .NET to version 4,72 which is newer than listed on the above referenced website. In any case depending on when you are reading this, just update to the newest version of .net
  15. luigipay

    my computer is slow?

    OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home CPU: Intel Celeron N4000 running at 2,5GHz GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 600 RAM: 4 bank of 1 gigabyte 2400 mhz each CPU Score 175 Show details Float Ops: 44954706 Integer Ops: 91310476 Hash Ops: 624275 RAM Score - 4GB 111 RAM Speed: 4798 MB/s GPU Score 123 Direct3D11: 6 FPS OpenCL: 128 GFLOPS Disk Score 18 Write Speed: 45 MB/s Read Speed: 70 MB/s
  16. The MacBook Air costs $1,199 while the cheapest option of the MacBook Pro costs $1,299. Why would anyone buy a MacBook Air when a MacBook Pro costs only $100 more? For only $100 more, you would get significantly better specs. So why would anyone choose the Air over the Pro?
  17. Celerod

    Won't Load

    2 things I found you need , If Novabench will not load is check your version of .NET, look on this page, Also another thing I found is after I updated my version of .NET is you have to have a wide screen format Monitor I was going nuts trying to figure out why it wouldn't work before , I 'm not a gamer, i just like to have my PC's running at their best. But I had had a Dell 17 " (Dell model E173FPf) non wide screen monitor and Novabench just would not run I would click on it and NOTHING would happen. I had this computer siting on the floor with the monitor sitting on top of the tower and didn't care if I had a good monitor at the time just to check it out. After thinking about it I hooked up the wide screen monitor a ( Dell model IN1910N) and then NovaBench worked just fine. I guess it needs the higher resolution to work. But then again there is no minimum resolution requirement mentioned in the documentation for the program to run correctly. I hope this helps a lot of you guys with this problem.
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  19. I have been out of the tech game loop for quite a while. I have always been a Mac fan and I hope to continue to be. I recently bought my wife an iMac for her new photo and video profession. I quickly realised that The new machine might have difficulty editing 4k videos shot from her cannon dslr camera. I've been doing a lot of research and noticed some odd tech practices from apple. These practices were also confirmed from users in online vlogs and etc. I noticed that apple is selling their new iMacs baseline with outdated specs. they would sell you something new but take away. performance by selling a not so powerful gpu. As well as, charging a leg and an arm for buying it with the upgrade. All I want to do is find a good cpu, gps machine that can handle 4k vid editing without breaking the bank. I returned the 21.5 inch iMac and though to buy the 27 in iMac but all I get to upgrade is the ram which is ok. but if the graphics card is limited, what's the point. I am now thinking of getting the Mac mini to see if I can get a nice monitor and keyboard for around 15 or 16 hundred. plus it has 4usb c ports nice instead of the 2 on the 27" iMac. Please, give me a little advice on this. I would like Mac but If I have to consider and older refurb model, then I just might, in order to get the performance I Want. I would hate to be stuck with this machine. I am not one to purchase a Mac machine just for web surfing. I need more for my creative jobs. I did a nova Bench test *attached and I am not certain this machine will perform well enough with these scores. Where do I need to be? Thanks,
  20. o0spudnutz0o

    New PC Build - Very Low Score!

    I hope there is a simple solution to the poor performance of my PC. Any suggestions??
  21. Hello, I downloaded the program roughly 2 weeks ago and could compare results for the same reason. It says "Could not reach Please check connection and try again". But I am connected to wifi. I also manually checked for updates and it said it was up to date. Please help, thank you.
  22. robbiec

    Post your benchmark score

    I am getting an invalid score probably due to my storage which is a couple of Samsung 970 EVO Plus in RAID0 Ryzen.nbr
  23. After installing the windows 7 the drivers laptop screen flickering lenovo started as I have not installed the signed drivers I think due to this only some problem occured. Please help me to fix the problem.
  24. Tragic

    Post your benchmark score

    my score with 1080ti and 8700k is 3448 so...nah
  25. I can confirm that the issues is bacause I have 2 GPU, after disabling the Intel GPU the OpenCL test works perfectly.
  26. I have the same issues here. I always got 0 flops for OpenCL test. My sistem have 2 graphics cards: nVidia GTX 1070 and Intel HD Graphics 630. The nVidia cards support the OpenCL but the Intel card don't have the support to OpenCL. I check with the benchmark of Geeks3D GPU Caps Viewer works properly. Look like the Novabench always use the Intel for the OpenCL test. I'm using Novabench 4.0.6 - October 2018 version.
  27. shadowgun1102

    Xiaomi notebook pro

    Hi..What should i buy ? Xiaomi notebook pro or other gaming series ? I don't play games too much, just a little bit in the night.
  28. justdave1984

    Post your benchmark score

    Throw a 670 in there, another 4Gb RAM and an SSD and it will manage WoW and some new games (Medium settings) and most RPG. If your running a Large TV, window games to 720p. That CPU could probably run a little more with decent AIR cooling. Higher if you can find a cheap AIO cooler. Its all good fun, if you have time and a little beer money to play around.
  29. justdave1984

    Post your benchmark score

    Unfortunately CPU is bottle-necking my GPU now. But oh well, she plays well.
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