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  3. Hi, I have a Mac Pro 3,1 2008 with 56gb of RAM, 2 Quad core 3.2ghz Xeon X5482 with a Nvidia GTX 980 Ti. The performance numbers I'm getting are where I would expect them to be but not on the graphics test. I'm getting only 147, or 438 fps on Novabench 1.1.1 (5) . I'm using the Nvidia Web Driver: 367.15.10.35f01 Thoughts? And to open myself up for abuse (please don't) I am converting from a PC to a Mac Pro as I like the operating system and the integration with my iPhone. Thanks, sontung
  4. If any pc is using GPU then can i plug a printer with this? As i have tried but my pc got slow ans shows HP Printer Error Code 30 and my all printer works get halts. Is there any other easy way to fix this?
  5. I'm playing Half-Life 2 on Xbox. I just started it yesterday, and like it. I love the fact you can move things around, and how the action happens in 'real time' rather than having a cutscene. I'm also playing Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, the demo. Its fun and I would say I'm pretty good with it. I also need to complete Halo 2, and start Halo (I only became an xbox gamer about two months ago).
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  7. This is most fastest network performance and Most of the people using AOL mail but once in a while you have to face the situation of Forgot AOL Password in these case don't be hopeless just click on the given website and sort all the issue related to AOL mail:)
  8. Hi, i was happy when i'm using NovaBench Application. But, i still confused what's the meaning of benchmark? Can someone tell me? Thanks
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  10. Retail software is used by all small, medium and large enterprises. ... Retailing software are both Installation and SaaS based. It is designed especially for Point of Sale (POS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inventory Management and retail accounting.
  11. Best of luck for your Future buddy..If you are Using AOL mail and want to Recover Hacked AOL Email Account so hurry up because you need to fix it up asap..I hope you resolve the issue as i fixed my Hacked AOL account.
  12. after benchmark i try to compare results and get this pop up message could not reach please check your network connection and try again
  13. We know that Nvidia has dropped TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) in favor of Samsung Electronics, having awarded them the contract to produce Ampere based on Samsung's 7nm EUV FinFET process. With Ampere we'd be going from 12nm down to 7nm. I wonder how the new production process would affect pricing and performance, I'm kind of hoping we won't see another big jump in prices like we saw with the current RTX cards.sweepstakes software providers The high-end cards in particular seem to be getting hit hard by price increases with every successive generation. It's like Nvidia is trying to get rid of their "upper middle-class" tier of consumers. These are the people who would normally buy cards like the GTX 780/GTX 980/GTX 1080 but were unwilling to spend a few hundred extra for the Ti's and Titans. Instead Nvidia is now adding that tier to the price range of the Titan and Ti versions, so those same people now buy 2070's instead of a 2080. This is a shame because cards like the GTX 780/980/1080 used to be situated perfectly between the mid and top-tier prices (the "expensive but affordable within reason" cards).
  14. I didn't faced any problem till now and I am successful to run window 10 if you want geek Squad support for smart home equipment service so i'll suggest you to must visit Geek Squad Remote Support and resolve all the issues related to home equipment.
  15. I see that others have posted the same question about why my Mini Mac scores a 0 on the benchmark. I hope this is something that is being looked at.
  16. Hello all. As the title states both my computers have network card not working. My desktop was the first to go. It was working last night and it randomly restarted and my USB adapter stopped working. Now my laptop I was just using and it blue screened giving me error “IRQL not less than or equal” after the restart my network adapter in the laptop isn’t working and it isn’t appearing in device manager. Should I reinstall windows or is there a fix? internet sweepstakes cafe software companies
  17. Is there any way to fix this without wiping the system (Win 8.1) I've already wasted a day on setting up? So far I've only been able to find solutions that require a disk wipe through Diskpart. 970 Evo 1TB (GPT), seperated into two 500GB partitions. Windows 8.1 is already fully setup on one of them. The '970 Evo Win 10' partition is being detected by the Win 10 setup but even after multiple reformats and deletions I still get this error. My USB installer has just been created with the Media Creation Tool, 1903. Cloning its files to a 5GB partition on the same 970 Evo and starting the setup from there also didn't help. First time I have had this issue, I've been running Win 8.1/10 dual-boots for a couple of years now and always just installed them normally (every 6 months or so I do fresh installs). I would genuinely greatly appreciate a solution to this.
  18. Hello! I'm testing on Windows 10, and getting an overflow error. The last post I found about this (December 2015) suggested that the error would be resolved in the next version. I'm wondering if this is still unresolved or if there is anything I can do to get my test running. Thank you!riversweeps free credits 2018 Error Integer Operations (CPU) "Unhandled exception has occoured in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately. Arithmetic Operation resulted in an overflow."
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  20. Ich finde es bedauerlich und bereue die 19 Euro für die Pro ausgegeben zu habe, wenn ich hier lese, dass das Problem von 2017 bis August 2019 nicht vom Entwickler gelöst wurde!!
  21. it's an i7 desktop i use for gaming - heavy stuff like pubg and apex. i run at different resolutions on a not gaming 4k monitor, apex 1080p, pubg 2k res. I put in a 1070 about a year ago, upgraded the psu to overkill recently (850w) and that's helped but i am concerned why my gpu is on the low end of the performance averages
  22. well, i just want to sign out from this supershit "service" and do samethings AND MUCH MORE somewhere else. i guess novabench is just dying and and thats just fine, no one needs u. good luck and farewell! -mAX
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  24. Having the issue on a rather old Laptop but running smoothly under Win10. As wished in another thread here the .nbr. Thx! E530.nbr
  25. My desktop is beating this score of 700 points, almost all in GPU scores. My desktop computer is 780ti I have the performance set in the nvidia control panel for novabench, but I suspect that it doesn't use the GPU but the intel instead.
  26. Hi Nathan, I just completed a test of my laptop with Novabench 4.0, and my GPU score scores about twice as much in Novabench 4.0 compared to Novabench 3.0, and my CPU score is a little lower too. What is causing this? Side note - I like that it's finally fully testing my SSD 🙂
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