Novabench Pro's features are unlocked for all of your computers with a one-time purchase:

Novabench Portable Windows Only

  • Take Novabench with you
  • Runs directly from a USB drive
    • No installation
    • No internet connection required
Novabench Portable
Battery Wear History Screenshot

Battery wear history Windows Only

Your battery's full charge capacity decreases with use. How often and how deeply you discharge your battery affects its lifespan.

Enable Battery Wear History to automatically record and chart your battery's health over time.

*Not all batteries are compatible; check within Novabench for compatibility.

Temperature tracking Windows Only

When enabled, Temperature History shows a chart of your continually recorded CPU temperature and load.

High temperature can throttle your CPU speed. PCs can run hotter over time due to dust build-up, or configuration/hardware changes.
Temperature History helps you keep your system running cool.
Temperature Tracking Screenshot
Scheduled Tests Screenshot

Scheduled testing Windows Only

When you enable Scheduled Tests, Novabench automatically runs benchmark tests at a chosen interval - from daily to monthly. The tests run silently in the background when you aren’t using your computer.

A history of frequent test results lets you see how your PC performs over time, and is a big help in diagnosing problems.

Command-line Interface Windows macOS Linux

  • Write scripts using our benchmarks
  • Output to human or machine readable formats
  • Run tests easily through remote sessions
Novabench CLI Screenshot

And More:

  • Optionally make your results private
  • Export your data to CSV and Excel Windows Only
  • No banner ads on
  • Support Novabench development