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Ryzen 3700x vs Intel 9700k? a slightly different approach..

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The time has come for me to upgrade my 4820k/GTX780 build from ~6 years ago. My plan is to buy components which are near the top of what is available right now in the hopes the next build can last another 5/6 years. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about pc parts (more than when I bought a 4820k lol) and am looking for this community's input.

I will be using a 2080 super for the gpu, playing mostly AAA games (RDR2, Fallen Order, Cyberpunk, etc.) on a new 1440p ultrawide (most likely the LG 34GK950F-B) and I am looking for high frame rates. My only intensive use is currently gaming, I do not expect this to change. I know from the last sentence that if your only use is gaming you go with the 9700k, but i'm not convinced.

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