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Mika Kempter

Is something wrong with my Mac or the Adapter?

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I have a MacBook Pro 2013 with an Intel Core i7 4960HQ, 16GB of RAM and a Nividia Geforce GT 750M. I recently bought an Asus AMD RX590 8GB with the Sonnet Breakaway Box 550. I connected them to the Thunderbolt 2 of the Thunderbolt 3 adapter. In the test, however, only the GT 750M is displayed and I always have the same GPU value of 547, if I then turn off the eGPU (external GPU), I have a GPU score of 259! How can it be that a RX590 only creates a 547 score?
Is there anything wrong with the Thunderbolt 2 on Thunderbolt 3 adapter, or is the Apple driver stalled at a score of 547? (RX590 GPU score 547 and permanently 60fps in the test)

But in games like Ark, Fortnite or Subnautica I only have 40-50fps
What's wrong with my stuff?
I am happy about help and tips

Greetings Mika

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