What should I upgrade on my pc?

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Hey, I recently noticed that my computer isn‘t keeping up with the games that well so I would lile to upgrade it but I don’t know which part I should replace(Or should I build a new one)
I hope that you could give me some advice:
The components:

Mainboard: Asus H81M-Plus
CPU: i7-4790 3.6 GHz
PSU: 600W
3 Fans 
1 Cooler

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Seasons Greetings!

I don't see any info about your hard drive. I have an older Dell E5520. Originally, a couple of years ago, I upgraded from an standard electro-mechanical hard drive to an 256GB SSD. Made a huge difference. Gave my Notebook New Life. Windows booted up in an instant. So Now I'm playing with upgrades.

First I installed a program called PCBoost 5, from PGWare.com. Claims it Speeds up your CPU. It did! I saw an instant improvement running my Photo Program, Zoner 15, and on sites Ebay, Amazon, Wikipedia. more. I then ran Novabench and got an 800 over 790 without PCBoost. I don't do gaming but they have their products for gamers and non. They have products for Hot Rodding your system. I have yet to try another one of their products that claims to make your internet and overall system faster.

Before doing anymore upgrading, I thought it would be a good idea, and Fun to do some benchmarking and that's why I'm here now. It took only a few minutes of searching to see that Novabench is the way to go. So before I do anymore upgrading., I'm going to use Novabench as I go along. Today I'm going to upgrade to a faster SSD, and upgrade my memory to 16GB, and Install PCSwift from PGWare.com. It should be interesting.

If I were you, I'd get an SSD and upgrade the RAM to 16GB. So far. I'm happy with my system already and I feel with the upgrades I'll be able to keep my system for years... but I'm not a gamer. I know the games can be harsh on a system so you may have different results. I'll update this post as I go along so you can see along with me what the differences are, if any, and I'll also give you an idea about the cost.

Later! John.

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