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Hello Everyone,

Trying to post my results. i have an account. But I'm getting an error: Error Submitting Results. Please see attachment for CPU/GPU/and NovaBench error and score. Anything else you need from me?

I've rebooted, rerun this multiple times, same issue.

Thank you



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I've also had this issue the last several runs after overclocking. I'm attaching my .nbr.



It seems like novabench doesn't trust it's own 'disk score'. The big change on my score that is being rejected as 'invalid' is the disk score of 641. Write speed is 11659 mb/s read is 4178 mb/s. This score occured after I installed onboard NVME SSD. This is a Samsung SSD 970 EVO 1TB drive. Any result since installing this drive is rejected as invalid. I suppose that is because that value does appear to be invalid. This SSD should be closer to 3500 mb/s read and 2500 mb/s write, I would think. Something about these drives appears to throw off the results.


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Add details.

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I just received the "Error submitting result - The result appears to be invalid and was rejected by our server. Please try testing again." error.  I have rebooted and retested, but received the same error.  Please help. 

12-22-19 Novabench.nbr

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