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so a couple of months  ago I noticed my pc performance really dropped, games FPS was almost single figures. I checked the pc over software wise, couldn’t see any issues but the performance was still bad. I reinstalled windows and tried a fresh but I’m still getting really bad performance from what should be an ok pc. I’m not a tech by any means and other than reinstalling windows again ( which I have 3 times now ) I’m pretty stuck


my novabench results are attached, but anyone got any ideas? This is on a fresh windows update and install. 

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1 of 3 things is happening here.

1. your PSU had gone bad and is not supplying the motherboard with enough juice.

2. your motherboard has gone bad and is not providing the power from the PSU as advertised.

3. Your drivers got corrupted and or you installed bad drivers or wrong bios. 

least likely is that both the cpu and gpu shit the bed (unless you had electrical storm and power was jolted.

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