[OLD VERSION] Can anyone tell me why my scores are so low?

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Hello, I just built a new gaming desktop and I believe my scores are lower than what they should be. In a case like this I would ask my brother to help me. But he recently past away and that is why I turn to you guys to ask for the help!

My score

My setup

CPU - I7 6700k 4.0 GHz (turbo boost 4,4GHz)

Motherboard - MSI m5 Z170A

Ram - 2 corsair 8 GB DDR4-2133 MHz 

GPU - Asus Geforce GTX 980 Ti Strix 4 GB

OS - Windows 10  64 bit


MSI command center - Turbo boost on at 4,4 GHz

GPU tweak !! - gaming boost on

In command center it says  memory (ram) speed DDR4-2133 (1066MHz)

My CPU are running at 75 celsius when I use the benchmark.  I have built in corsair water cooling system with the radiator on top of the chassi with two noctua 120 mm fans at 2000rpm

Three noctua (120mm) front fans 1500 rpm

and one back fan - 140mm 1500RPM

All fans are set to max.

My question are shouldnt I be able to play BF1 on max settings?  

or The elder scrolls online at max settings?

My fps at CS Go are 200-240 compared to my friend that have same fps as me but with older hardware

shouldnt my CPU be lower then 75 celsius?



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Based on your scores, I'm not sure that your system is slow.  For stock CPU and GPU frequencies (non overclocked) you seem fine.  I have a couple of 6700's and your performance is in line with mine, except for memory.  Can it run faster?  Sure, but why would you need to?  Performance increases through overclocking generally come with a reliability penalty.

Your memory is a bit slow (2133 is slow by today's standards), but you should be able to bump the speed to 2000 (from 1066) in your mobo BIOS.  If you have XMP support, set that to 2133, then you should be able to manually set the frequency to 2000 or so.

CPU temp seems a little high.  I'm running H80i's in my 6700's and my temps are typically 40 to 60.

I'm not a gamer, so I don't know anything about your referenced games, but I would think with your setup you should be able to run anything without problems.  You may want to download 3DMark and do some testing to see how you compare online.  You can also get a fair bit of info on your system performance (speeds and temps) during the tests. 

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