Optimizing Below Average GPU

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Looking to optimize & utilize my GPU performance.

Mac OS X 10.12.3, Intel Core i7 @ 4000 MHz, AMD Radeon R9 M395X

Is there any issues that could be affecting my video card performance? My GPU score is always below average. The iMac has only been used about a month. I was using aftermarket 32 GB OWC/Other World Computing memory and kept receiving a freeze then reboot when using photoshop. Adobe says I have a video card issue but I have not experienced a freeze and reboot with the original 8gb memory that it came with. Didn't have any freezes with adobe illustrator or premiere. Currently the computer has 474.05 GB available out of 999.33 GB.

Test Results:

current 8GB factory ram:



past 32GB of Patriot ram:



I don't notice any lag with programs unless editing 4K video. Thank You for Your Time!

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Your 32GB RAM may have a fault. You can check it with a program like memtest86+.

Editing 4K will probably be slow regardless of if there's an actual issue with your GPU. The Apple Store has a diagnosis program for GPU faults to be sure.

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Thank you for the response Nathan, as far as the Novabench tests: Something is wrong if my GPU score is below average correct? I did a PRAM reset to my memory and that corrected the issue with the freeze but still scoring about the same with Novabench. 


Thanks Again!!

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