GTX 980ti vs 1070

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My second post here. ( the first was on a nearly 3 yr old comment .. jeeez).

Question -

My Novabench scores are higher using an EVGA GTX 980ti, than an Asus Strix GTX 1070 Gaming card.

The Strix has a higher base, and boost speed. I am unclear as to why this is.

Does the fact the ti has 384bit band width vs 256 on the Strix?

Thanks Novabench .. Since I've found you, I've made a habit of using this tool to check a PC before I buy it (used of course).

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You're right! The 1070's Pascal architecture has a lot of improvements over the 980ti's Maxwell, but head-to-head the 980Ti has it beat on both memory bandwidth and significantly more cores.

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