GTX 970 score 198

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Odd results comparison between Novabench Cinebench and Engine Heaven results for GTX970 running in Mac Pro 2012 (2010 model) 6-core @ 3.06 GHz (Xeon 5775) with 24 GB Ram on 1080p.

Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4 on Ultra and Extreme @ 1080p is scoring 1506 (around an i7 mark) FPS is 59.8 min 9.7 max 142.9

Novabench is scoring GPU a miserable 194-198 on the 7th percentile. 

Cinebench is also not so good at OpenGL scoring behind my old Radeon 7950 - I put this down to the OpenGL test.

What is happening in Novabench AND between Novabench and Unigine Heaven results?

In real work my 27" 2011 iMac (radeon HD 6770m) encodes a video in 24 minutes while this machine with the 970 does the same video in 9 minutes while I am on a 1440p monitor - so real time is pretty good.

Nvidia driver is up-to-date and Cuda is same. What is Novabench telling me?

Any suggestions?




Unigine Heaven 1080p.html

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I've heard a lot of reports that aftermarket GPUs just don't perform as well under Mac vs Windows. I suspect it's mostly driver optimization related. Since the 7th percentile you're seeing is comparing to Windows as well, it might not mean anything is wrong with your setup beyond that.

The Heaven benchmark and Novabench frame rates aren't directly comparable. You'd need to check if there's a database for Heaven results for the 970.

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