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Today I launched big under-the-hood changes to The new site gives you a few new tools right away to make sense of your benchmark results, and the ability for me to add lots of great new features in the future.

Unified Accounts:

  • Your forum and accounts are now the same account

Benchmark Results - New Tools:

  • Percentile comparisons
    To the left of your benchmark results you'll see how your scores stack up to others we have in our database. Higher percentile is better - it means that you scored higher than that percentage of results in our database.
    Percentiles are given for the overall system (CPU, GPU, RAM), and CPU and GPU individually.
  • Part Info Page
    Now you can click on the name of a CPU or GPU to see more info. Currently we show a histogram of the submitted scores for this part, an image of the part, and a tool to quickly compare parts as you browse the site.
  • Better Search
    Improved the search, sorting and filtering tools on the results and top parts pages

Please let me know if you see any issues!


Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 23.23.42.png

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I'm not sure if you said this somewhere, but it seems like all of my computer's scores have gone down by about 9 points, and if the score in the Novabench app is 497, it'll go down to 488 when I submit it. I see that the hard disk score goes down upon submittal. 


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I changed the disk score to no longer count the disk size. The site fixes this, but the Windows app hasn't been updated yet. Fix coming soon.

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