sons suspicously bad AMD10 PC versus mine

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Lo all,  the attached image is my core I7 PC with its very old graphics card compared to my sons AMD A10 PC with its spanking new 1060GTX 6 Gig graphics card for playing BF1

Admitedly mine has the massive advantage of an SSD but I dont see how that explains his RAM speed being so poor versus mine

and certainly not me having a better GPU result !.  He has a power lead on the graphics card and an uprated PSU ,

Does anyone one see anyhting obvious in his results. ?











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The GTX 1060 average score is 866, so your son is getting less than half that performance. The AMD CPU is running fine.

Since you already checked the power, just for any thermal issues. GPU-Z is a good tool for that. NVIDIA drivers are up to date?

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