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Hello All,

Thank you in advance for checking out my post. I have a few questions as I am not sure where to get reliable answers:

1, How are my results in comparison to the same machines out there?

2. How to boost that CPU into the 3.0+ range OR safest OCed speed?

3, How can I improve the overall hardware performance?

Results below... and thank you again!


Verified NovaBench Score: 1636

Test run on July 27, 2016
Microsoft Windows 10 Home

Intel Intel Core i7-6820HK 2.70GHz running at 2710 MHz

Nvidia NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M GPU

65472 MB System RAM (Score: 343)
- RAM Speed: 16519 MB/s

CPU Tests (Score: 820)
- Floating Point Operations/Second: 205211664
- Integer Operations/Second: 1030277856
- MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 1256115

Graphics Tests (Score: 436)
- 3D Frames Per Second: 1210

Hardware Tests (Score: 37)
- Primary Partition Capacity: 238 GB
- Drive Write Speed: 197 MB/s


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Your scores are where they should be for that hardware.

The easiest way to overclock is to check if your BIOS has an automatic overclock feature. Since it's a laptop, you'll need to be really careful with heat.

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