MBPr shuts down during the test

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Hey folks,

I'm new to this forum, so thanks for your patience with my ignorance. I've been experiencing abnormal shutdowns of my MBPr (mid-2012) whilst using Google Maps. Usually (but not always) the fan would go loud and then black screen. This was mostly on the Earth mode but more recently it happened with maps, too. I tried re-setting PRAM, SCM, etc., but nothing seems to have worked. 

I wanted to do some tests and thus discovered Novabench. During the test, when colour visualisations appeared (I don't know how this part of the test this is called), the Mac would crash—every single time. Any thoughts? 

Btw, attached is part of a screenshot which captures the last second of the test at which point the computer shut down.

Many thanks,


P.S. My Mac was serviced three months ago because of the well-known video issue this line-up is having: Seems odd the problem would return? 

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 14.22.20.png

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Sounds like Novabench graphics test is triggering the same graphics problem that google earth and others are. The issue is probably related to the link you posted with the defect in that model's graphics, even if you just got it fixed.

It's definitely possible that the repair didn't completely work. I've had to have a rMBP repaired a few times (from a different problem) before it went away completely.

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Thanks for your feedback, Nathan. It definitely seems like that--despite the fact that they replaced the entire logicboard as well as the top case with screen. 

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