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You have a very good benchmark program with fast and fairly precise results, yet I have some observations to share:

1.My laptop has Intel Core i5-3230M processor with 2 cores - 4 threads but NovaBench runs only the 2 threads (which corresponds practically to 60% use of the processor) so my processor and memory scores are reduced by 40% (I have PC 12800 memory and it is measured at 7000+ MBs/s only). Having had a look at the results database this must be the case with most (if not all) the multithreading processors - only half of the threads must be running.

2.My laptop has a second graphics card (AMD Radeon) which NovaBench doesn't detect, I can set it to run with this card and it gives a much higher corresponding score of course, but it still refers to the Intel HD 4000 graphics card that it only detects.

I am looking forward to a new version with these issues resolved, I think after 5+ years it is time for a new version anyway. Keep on the good work!

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1. Your score is being measured accurately, despite the core usage patterns you're seeing. Rest assured, all 4 of your cores are contributing to the score. But, since people like to see 100% load during a benchmark the next version will use all cores simultaneously (the score will still be the same)

If you want to see this for yourself you can disable 2 of your cores under msconfig, and your CPU score will drop by approx. half.

2. This is a known bug that unfortunately I haven't fixed yet.

Thanks for your comments, and new version is long past due, and I'm working on it :)

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