So... Windows 10?

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Alright, so Windows 10 has almost been out for a year and they'll stop handing out the free upgrades on June 29th. My mom has it on her laptop, I have it on my laptop, and my sister has it on her laptop. We all love it, but we all started out with it when we bought the laptops. The only computers we own that haven't been upgraded is my family's gaming desktop and my dad's work laptop, and these are two very important machines. I've heard rumors that Windows 10 will make your PC preform either better or worse, and I'm one of those people who worries about file loss. June 29th will come soon, and I want to know if I should upgrade these 2 PCs, especially since Windows 7 runs on both of them and the support for that is being discontinued soon...



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I personally would upgrade, unless you know there are issues with software you rely on. Best bet is to take a full disk backup or image before you do, so you can roll back if needed.

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Sorry to rely so late but I do agree with Nathan to take a system image or you can put your important data on cloud.

As far as I know, the data is too far for Windows 7 to discontinue.

When Windows 10 was released no doubt but it had bugs which is fixed now and newer services packs are being released also.

If computer configuration is compatible with Windows 10 OS then problem could occur due to Windows updates and you can contact the vendor for same to fix it.

Thank you,

Charles Romero

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