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Overclocking X5660 results in lower score?

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Hey there!

I was doing some comparing with other benchmarks that had the Xeon X5660 CPU and all the benchmarks with the CPU running at stock speeds had scores 300 or so above all the benchmarks that had the Xeon overclocked such as mine.


My Benchmark:

Top X5660 benchmark with the CPU at stock:

Does overclocking actually make this CPU slower or am I missing something?

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The X5660 has a wide range of scores in our database. As you know the Xeon is aimed at a server market, so it's used a lot for virtual machines or dual-socket motherboards (2 CPUs). That kind of info, like # of cores, isn't something the website shows right now, although I hope to fix that.

I looked in the database and found that your CPU does improve in speed because of the overclock. You can see how it improves in this chart. I marked your particular result:


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