My New Gaming System-i7 5960X / GTX 980 SLI

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Watched your video.  That's a killer pc you got there.  While running your nova bench tests try some without your fps software.  I noticed on mine when I didn't use frames per second software my FPS was a lot higher, a few hundred frames actually.  I was running fraps. 

With dual 980s you should be getting higher numbers and I think that is limiting you.  Have you tried it without running the FPS software? 

After watching your video I went on alienware.com and checked out your config.  Jeeez that must have ran run over 3500!  

One thing I didn't like is their hard drive choices.  solid state drives are fantastic but they stick you with a 5400 rpm storage drive that's not cool considering how much ppl are spending on a monster system unless I missed somewhere where you could add a 7200 rpm storage drive.  You consider running raid 0 at all? 


Also have you ever put together your own system or have always just bought pcs pre built? 

Not that you are interested but a really cool website is pcpartpicker.com  for hardware stuff and peoples insane builds.  Those 980s are sick tho and im crazy jealous. 

Here is my build which ive posted some 2300's on novabench.  http://pcpartpicker.com/b/KknnTW

Id love to see what yours would come in on the Si software Sandra 2014 benchmark.   I got ranked 115 out 70 thousand plus but im sure you would be in the 70's to 80s with that beast. 

Good luck with it man.

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